Discover the rich tapestry of meaning behind the name Mirha (مرحا) as we delve into its significance in both Urdu and English cultures. Uncover the linguistic roots and cultural implications that shape this unique name.

مرحا عربی لفظ ہے جس کا اردو میں مطلب اللہ کا نور” ہے۔ مرحاایک اسلامی نام ہے اور لڑکیوں کے لیے استعمال ہوتا ہے

Mirha is derived from the Arabic language that means “Divine Light.” The Mirha name is used for baby girls for the sense of light or blessing of Allah Almighty for her family and home.

:مرحاکا اردو میں معنی اور تفصیل

اللہ کا نور , تیز اور پھرتیلیمعنی
Mirhaانگریزی نام
1لکی نمبر
جمعہ , پیرلکی دن
سفید, سرخلکی رنگ
سفید قیمتی پتھرلکی پتھر
ہیرالکی دھاتیں
موسم بہارلکی موسم

Mirha (مرحا) Name Meaning in English in detail:

OriginArabic language
Lucky Number1
Lucky DaysMonday & Friday
Lucky ColorsRed & white
Lucky StoneWhite Stone
Lucky metalDiamond
Lucky SeasonSpring

Mirha (مرحا) Name Lucky Number, Lucky Days, Lucky Stone, Lucky Metal, Lucky Season and Lucky Colors

In Islam, Mirha is a Holy name because it is also mentioned in the Holy Quran. Following are her lucky features:

Lucky Number: 1.
Lucky Days: Monday & Friday.
Lucky Colors: Red and white.
Lucky stone: White stone.
Lucky Metal: Diamond.
Lucky Season: Spring.

The Cultural And Religious Significance of the Name Mirha

The Mirha (مرحا) name is so prominent in Muslim regions as it is an Islamic name that is also mentioned in the Holy Quran ( ولا تمش فی الارض مرحا )[And do not walk on the earth in joy] Surrah AL-Isra Verse:37.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the origin of the name Mirha (مرحا)?

Mirha’s name comes from Arabic, meaning “Bundle of dry grapes.”

Does the name Mirha have any alternative spellings?

Other spellings or name words are “MERHA” and “MIRHAA“.

Is Mirha a unisex name?

Mirha’s name is used for girls as it is a unisex name.

Are there any famous personalities with the name Mirha?

Mirha FAtima & Mirha Fatima.

What qualities are associated with individuals named Mirha?

Mirha name girls are kind-hearted, Agile & fast.

Does any brand name start with Mirha?

In Pakistan, One famous fashion brand name starts with Mirha.

What other names are similar to Mirha?

Other similar names are ‘Manha,” & “Merab,” and so on.

What is the religion of the Mirha Name?

The religion of Mirha name is Islam.

What is the Favourite food of Mirha?

Mirha’s favorite foods are Desi ( i.e., Krari) and Spicy (i.e., Biryani).

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